Hello readers! My name is Andy. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when I was 42 years old. It came as a shock to me and my family but it was up to them to look after me, trying the very best they could. I remember my wife would always say, “I think we need to clear the cupboards out and no more sweets for you, Andy”. Since I was diagnosed while I was in my fourth decade of life, I always feel that it is slightly difficult to accept the fact that I have Type 2 diabetes.

Living with diabetes

Diabetic Test

Even though it is hard to accept, I never found living with diabetes hard. I have been doing it for 10 years now and it never really restricted my life, but made it rather a unique, special and fun filled one with good memories. Though it was a struggle to begin with, I have been managing it really well.

I did a lot of things and had many adventures with my wife and children and I will always have some wonderful memories.

I have a wonderful work life, just like anyone else, because no one has ever made me feel different even though I have a condition. My diabetes has never stopped me from doing things I love to do. I have always enjoyed and loved playing volleyball and swimming and being diabetic never held me back. All I need to do is to monitor my blood sugar before going to the court or swimming pool.

My decision

Today, I am a living example that shows you can achieve what you want while living with Type 2 diabetes. My condition always gives me something to look forward to, so I don’t have to wallow in self-pity. I always believe I am going to do what I want, live the life I wished for and that my diabetes is not going to stand in my way.

no sweets diabetesAll the decisions I make are due to a lot of guidance and support from my doctors, my nurses, and of course my family, who has always put up with me right from when I was diagnosed till now. I have always wanted to help out people with Type 2 diabetes. I think everyone living with this type of diabetes needs guidance and help, most especially when it is first diagnosed. I believe you can manage your own diabetes successfully with good support, positive mindset and education. This is why one thing really wanted to do was to create a blog about living with diabetes so that everyone can have the chance of knowing how to live with their Type 2 diabetes.

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